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‘Yesterday You Were Here’ is an important tool that will promote discussion between you and your child.


Helping children understand loss

Grief is a long process that can’t be hurried. The important thing is that you provide an opportunity for your child to talk about their feelings, if they wish, because talking openly and honestly can help them make sense of what has happened. 

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Imagine grief through the lens of a child

How do you speak to children about grief?
It is ok to admit that you don’t know or that you don’t have all the answers.

Having an aid like the book 'Yesterday You Were Here' helps to open lines of communication about a very difficult subject. 


Order your copy of Yesterday You Were Here


The book will only cost $10* for postage and handling until the first print has been exhausted.

The book price will increase to $20 per hardcover and $15 per paperback once the second print of books is run. So it is first in best dressed. 

The reduced-price copies are intended for individuals, families and charitable organisations.

*Within Australia, additional fees apply for overseas orders.

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My book will not answer the hard questions - it is a platform to communicate and identify feelings.

Melissa Little  |  Author & Illustrator of Yesterday You Were here

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