Our Mission

Helping children understand loss

Grief is a long process that can’t be hurried. The important thing is that you provide an opportunity for your child to talk about their feelings, if they wish, because talking openly and honestly can help them make sense of what has happened. 

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‘Yesterday You Were Here’ is a tool that will promote discussion. It is ok to admit that you don’t know or that you don’t have all the answers. My book will not answer the hard questions it is a platform to communicate and identify feelings.

How do we help children grieve? How do we answer questions that we find hard to answer ourselves? How can we provide that reassurance that is everything is going to be ok unless we truly believe it ourselves? How do we provide comfort when we ourselves may feel emotional? 

We can begin by being there, being present in the moment. Give your child your complete attention and time. Time is paramount here. Your child may not be ready to talk, be comfortable with the silence. If they want to talk then encourage them to discuss how they feel and what they know and understand. Try to avoid finishing their sentences or asking direct questions. Instead ask open ended questions. Provide them with open and honest answers that are age appropriate. 

Observe their behaviour, are there any changes? You know your child best.

Through the generosity and support from the local community and beyond I have 4400 copies of “Yesterday You Were Here’ that I would like to make available to children and families who may be going through a similar circumstance.

The first 4400 copies of the book will only cost $10* for postage and handling until the print had been exhausted. The reduced-priced copies are intended for individuals, families and charitable organisations.

If you do not fit into the above category and would still like to purchase a copy of this book for your business or organisation please don’t hesitate to contact me … 

*Within Australia, additional fees apply for overseas orders.

In sadness this book will be a kind friend.
— Michael O'Connell, AM, AMP, Commissioner for Victims' Rights